Photography and Digital painting, by Jane Ernest


Digital paintings are created using my original photos.  I scan them into a computer and then use a graphics tablet to paint them.  It's a hands-on process where I sometimes make several copies of an image and then apply different painting techniques to each copy.  These copies are then combined into the final image that is printed with pigment inks on archival papers.

II began doing fine art photography in the 1990s.  I primarily created manipulated Polaroid images with painterly surface textures.  I later moved to digital painting, drawing and layering to give my photographs the feel of an impressionist painting.

Contact Information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Galleries:  The Artists' Undertaking Gallery, Occoquan. VA

  • 6 - springtimeatthetida basin
  • 5 - Poppy
  • 3 -irisgarden
  • 4 - peppers5
  • 2 - dcStreetsceneii
  • 1 - Battlefields

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