Metalwork, Wirework, Stringing

I create unique wearable art jewelry. Drawing on my training as a painter, I like to combine interesting textures, colors and materials to design one of a kind pieces using materials collected during my travels throughout the world and within the US, especially the American Southwest. Some of these items are
no longer available and are irreplaceable.  I have lived in Europe, Asia and Africa; my years in Africa, especially North Africa, have had a great influence on my work. Here in the US, the Southwest has had a big impact on my designs. My two favorite materials to work with are turquoise and copper metal; all forms of jasper and agate also factor into my pieces.

I started my jewelry making career stringing beads but soon started to add  other techniques to my repertoire - wirewrappirg, beadweaving, metalworking, wire crochet to name a few. I continue to seek new and interesting methods to make my work even more interesting to my clients as well as satisfying my own curiousify about my craft.

Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  703-945-0186


  • Lepidopterite pendant and stone
  • Wirewrapped stone pendant
  • Wire wrapped agate pendant
  • Raku, bronze and jasper
  • Wire wrapped stone donut
  • Vintage African clay beads


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