It's not surprising that I love natural beauty -- I was born in Kentucky, into a family with strong roots in the bluegrass.  For us, camping on rivers and lakes, searching the woods for fresh mistletoe or hickory nuts, or hiking mountains and hollows was the perfect escape from "regular life."

It's also not surprising that I love glass.  As a child, I was enchanted by blown glass animals. Tiffany lamps (along with a vast appreciation for stained glass) have been handed down through the family. My father was an early and avid fan of Steuben glass.  So once the glass arts became accessible to mere mortals, I was hooked.

Much of my work can be classified as "frit painting," although there is no painting involved.  Images are made of crushed glass in varying sizes and colors ("frit"), tiny threads of glass pulled on a torch, and occasional cut pieces of sheet glass.  Each piece is built in multiple layers -- with firings between each -- to create an unusual perception of depth and distance.

Through joyful experimentation, I find that fusing glass, with its inherent adaptability and endless variety of forms, color, texture, and translucence, enables and challenges me to recreate the natural places I've loved, and invent the places I'd like go, if only in my mind.  For me, every landscape touches a dream or memory, and often as not, a heart string.

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