I have been working with glass since the late 90s.  It all started as a good friend needing to use some extra space in my house so she could make some Christmas presents.  She was making stained glass ornaments and I'd never seen anyone work with glass before.  As an avid crafter, I had to dive into this new medium!  She showed me the basics that she picked up from a workshop, and I immediately sought out workshops and classes to take myself.  I found a local stained glass shop that sold supplies and taught classes.  I took as many as I could afford to take and eventually ended up working for that store for almost a decade.  It was an incredibly valuable experience and I made life-long friends while working there.  I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could:  How to make pieces large and small.  How to repair things that break.  Fusing glass.  How to design something both structurally sound and beautiful.  And as any crafts-person will learn along the way ... how NOT to do a lot of things too!  I still discover new things from time to time when I work with glass, even after all these years.  I think it's these discoveries and my own curiosity that keeps me looking for new things to try, new ideas, and anything that will inspire a smile.

Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  www.lunarisingart.com 

  • Custom-designed triskele
  • Stained glass bacon suncatchers
  • Kaleidoscope suncatcher with metal findings
  • Fused glass candle holders
  • Suncatcher framed with bicycle gear
  • Endless Knot of Love




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